Indani Group is headquartered in Switzerland with a strong customer-centric focus. The Group operates in Switzerland through KRESH Sàrl , based in Canton Vaud. Our extensive experience, unique strengths and strong emphasis on innovation in services and processes have made us strategic partners for both consumers and producers of commodities.

Mrs.Kruti Indani and Ms.Esha Indani are also actively involved with the World Economic forum acitivities. Mrs. Kruti Indani is one of the Governors of the Mining and Metals industry of the World Economic Forum. She is also actively involved in the Alliance for Global Trade Facilitation.

Paraj Gold & Silver Refinery in Uttarakhand, India belongs to the Indani Group.
Paraj Gold & Silver Refinery manufactures a complete range of gold and silver bars of all shapes , weights, purities and sizes. It has a fully integrated bullion trading desk which covers all aspects of gold and silver for our customers.
Kresha Gold refinery is being setup in Andhra Pradesh, 28 kms from the international airport, it will be the largest gold refinery in India with a gold refining capacity of 250mts and a silver refining capacity of 900mts in the first phase.

Indani Group is setting up a Gems & Jewelery park on 200 acres of land in Andhra Pradesh, India.
Indani Group Switzerland has formed a Joint Venture with Genolier Hospitals of Switzerland for marketing of their cosmeceuticals NESCENS in India. Indani Group will be setting up R & D facilities, as well as manufacturing facilities for these products in India in the second phase. Genolier Hospitals is the second largest hospital chain in Switzerland with 23 hospitals.

Indani Group is the Sole Marketing company of Sinochem for supply of Metcoke to Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Georgia.

Indani Group is also the sole marketing company of the state owned Fortune 500 Yangmei Group of China for supply of Urea to Brazil and Pakistan markets.

Indani Group is in the process of setting up agri-based industries in Ukraine and India.